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Gaynor Bourgeois, LMT
Gaynor Bourgeois, LMT
Licensed Massage Theraist, Craniosacral Practitioner, Oncology Massage Therapist,
Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Certified Lymph Drainage Therapist

Gaynor has been working professionally as a massage therapist since 1996. Always looking for ways to best meet the needs of her clients she has trained in many modalities, and tailors each session to optimize results. Gaynor sees clients in her Adams Morgan home.

Deep Tissue Massage Using focused strokes this widely used technique is effective at releasing deep muscle tension . Beneficial in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, overuse and injury.

Lymphatic Drainage Manual Therapy Massage - A specialized technique that applies repetitive pressure at lymph node sites and a stroking technique along lymph vessels that stimulates the movement of lymph fluid. This therapy assists with post surgical swelling and inflammation due to numerous heath complaints such as sinusitis, arthritis, gastritis, back pain, neck pain and more.

Swedish Massage Gentle but powerful approach to ease tension, improve flexibility, increase mental clarity and lower stress.

Pregnancy Massage - Helps support the client by addressing common issues experienced during pregnancy such as muscle aches, sciatica, headaches, edema. Promotes overall relaxation, helps improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

Craniosacral Therapy - Energy work pioneered by osteopaths, based on the principle that physical and emotional trauma can remain in the body, contributing to anxiety, stress, pain and sickness. By following the subtle movement of the nervous system, energy that is depleted, stagnant or blocked can be brought back to balance. This holistic approach can facilitate profound shifts in habitual patterns of distress and dis-ease, opening a path for greater physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Oncology Massage Individualized treatment to mitigate the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Based in knowledge and compassion oncology massage can be helpful in reduction of pain, anxiety, fatigue, swelling and neuropathy.

Connective Tissue Therapy Fascia is the web that supports and stabilizes the body. By addressing restrictions in the fascia acute and long held restrictions can be released, allowing for greater mobility, ease and movement.

Scar Release Therapy - Technique that helps to prevent adhesions which hinder flexibility and movement, and can cause permanent restriction to surrounding soft tissue.

Fees: $110 for 60 minutes, $160 for 90 minutes, $210 for 120 minutes

All fees are subject to change. This web page is not contractual. Please call ahead to verify.

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