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Jandel Benjamin, LMT

Jandel Benjamin, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Board Certified

I have been a wellness practitioner for forty years and a Massage Therapist for the past ten years as a stationary and mobile massage unit. Focusing on Integrative massage and also provide Lymphatic massage. I consider myself a wellness professional focusing on preventive health practices in the community and believe that knowledge along with action is the key to good health practices.

Available Services:

Swedish massage (60 minutes $90): Basic massage where no focus areas are targeted. Light to medium pressure of long guided flowing strokes. Promotes increased circulation, blood flow, and encourage a profound state of relaxation. Clients often report feeling lighter and freer moving.

Integrative massage (60 minutes $100): Specific areas of concerns can be targeted. A combination of manual techniques with heat. Benefits include but not limited to, softening adhesions, increasing mobility of connective tissues and joints, and increased range of motion.

Aroma Therapy massage (60 minutes $95): Basic massage where no particular muscles are targeted. Using 100% pure grade oils to incorporate the olfactory senses along with relaxation manual techniques. Aroma Touch Technique clinical application consultation available for $69.00.

Therapeutic massage (60 minutes $110): Specific to major areas of concerns. Manual techniques includes but not limited to stretching and trigger point therapy. For clients with complaints of neck tension, sciatica, and other specific concerns.

Lymph system massage (60 minutes $110): A very light relaxing massage that is used to promote healthy flow of the lymphatic system, the system responsible for immunity. This massage help locate any imbalance/blockage and re-establish healthy flow of moving metabolic wastes to the lymphatic glands where it can be destroyed. Suggest ample hydration before and after to flush out toxins.

*90 minute services availability with $30 extra

Senior Citizen, Military, Teacher discounts available. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure complete table time. $10 off for first time visit clients when you mention this flyer.

All fees are subject to change. This web page is not contractual. Please call ahead to verify.

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